School History

CTI Senior College of Further Education

The Senior College grew out of not just the original CTI but the increased demand for further education. Courses are internationally certified by FETAC, the International Academy of Travel and others. The College is a full time adult college based solely in The Mall, is recognised as a centre of excellence and has experience developing leading edge subjects and courses.

 General Mission Statement

The role of our school is to facilitate the students of Clonmel and its environs in the acquisition of general and specialised education. We seek:

  • to encourage the development of the full person through imparting knowledge and skills and through inculcating values;
  • to develop critical thinking and to promote informed decision-making skills in students;
  • to bring students to an awareness of their identity in a multi-denominational, multi-racial, multi-cultural context;
  • to enable the transition to further education;
  • to encourage the participation of parents in the education of their children;
  • to respond to the educational needs of the local community.

The aims of this Mission Statement can only be achieved if there is a shared vision and an active partnership between management, staff and students. The Charter, accordingly, has an important role to play in realizing these aims. Students need to be fully aware of the Charter’s contents, their entitlements and obligations.

The CTI Senior College seeks to provide a friendly and helpful service in a positive, safe, pleasant, co-operative and comfortable environment.

To facilitate this, we expect all users of the CTI Senior College to conduct him/herself in accordance with college policy, applicable laws, and generally accepted norms of conduct.

CTI Senior College strives to create a climate which facilitates teaching and learning for all, in a well ordered co-operative environment. The courses provided require a high level of commitment, and students are expected to apply themselves to achieve their full potential throughout the year.