Learner Support

Learning Supports/Special Needs/Disabilities

The college is intent to encourage the participation of people with special needs on our courses. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that it does not place a learner with a disability at a substantial disadvantage compared to a non-disabled learner, by providing appropriate accommodations, adjustments, supports and auxiliary aids to cater for individual needs. Every student has a right to confidentiality, be treated with dignity and respect and that information be available in accessible formats. It is essential that special needs due to a disability should be indicated on the application form and discussed at interview with the course Co-ordinator.

Special accommodations for examinations will be arranged in accordance with the State Examinations Commission (SEC), QQI (FETAC) or other exam body regulations.

Guidance and Counselling 

The Senior College Guidance Counsellors office is located in the front foyer. The counsellor’s role is to assist each learner in achieving his/her potential as a person and as a student, by providing information, support, advice and/or counselling. This may take place in the classroom, at talks or on an individual basis. Students are encouraged to make appointments for individual meetings with their counsellor as and when required.

The service offers the following:

In the Guidance area – support in making career choices, study skills and examination techniques, CV preparation and interview skills, job search, and interest’s assessment as well as college application including CAO and UCAS applications.

In the Counselling area – support and help re study difficulties, exam stress, parental/ peer stress, home difficulties, substance abuse, bullying, coping difficulties, etc.

A referral system to other support services is also available; this would be done only at the learner’s request or with his/her consent. Individual issues are dealt with discretion and guaranteed confidentiality. Appointment forms are available from the Guidance Counsellor.