The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme is an educational opportunities scheme for unemployed persons.

VTOS aims to give unemployed people education and training opportunities which will develop their chances of further education and gaining employment. Participation on a VTOS scheme is either in a Core or Dispersed mode:

VTOS Core at CTI refers to adults pursuing our 2 year full time Leaving Certificate programme.
For information on the Leaving Cert programme click here: http://www.fetchcourses.ie/course.aspx?cid=9572&delivery=Fulltime&keyword=Leaving&location=12&category=0

VTOS Dispersed at CTI refers to adults pursuing a 1 year full time PLC course.
For information on PLC courses click here: http://www.cti-clonmel.ie/plc-courses.html
Preference for VTOS places at CTI is given to the VTOS Core programme. Places on VTOS dispersed are extremely limited.

How to Apply:

  • To apply for a place on the VTOS Core programme please contact the VTOS Coordinator on 086 0128684 or [email protected]
  • To apply for a VTOS Dispersed place on a PLC Course you do not need to do anything; places are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis based on the date your PLC application was made. The VTOS Coordinator will contact you directly in September if there is a VTOS Dispersed place available.
VTOS Eligibility:

You may qualify for the VTOS scheme if you are aged 21 years or over and you are:

VTOS Supports

Since 2010, people on PLC courses who are getting VTOS allowances are no longer eligible for student support grants. However, this does not affect any entitlement they may have to exemption from college fees or student contributions.

There are no fees for VTOS courses (VTOS Dispersed pay €50.00 plc course deposit only) and you will get free books and materials (VTOS CORE only) at the start of the course. Depending on your individual circumstances you may be eligible for the following:

  • Meal allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Free/subsidised childcare for your child under the National Childcare Scheme https://ncs.gov.ie/en/


  • In general, VTOS participants who move from jobseeker’s payments receive a VTOS payment at the same rate as their jobseeker’s payment. However, since 26 March 2018, people under 25 receive a top-up rate of up to €208 per week (any means you have will be deducted from this rate).
  • VTOS participants under 26 who move from an age-related reduced rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance also get a top-up rate of €208 per week.
  • Generally, your entitlement to a VTOS training allowance will not be reassessed if there is a change to your circumstances (including means).

VTOS training allowance and work: If you are returning to your course for a second year, you will continue to get your VTOS allowance during the summer months. You can also take up full-time work during the summer months and your VTOS payment is not affected.

VTOS training allowance and dependants: If you want a dependant adult or child added to your payment you must notify the Department of Social Protection (DSP). DSP will then notify the ETB of any changes to your VTOS training allowance.

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